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Price $1,200.00
Citric acid-based CleanCide germicidal wipes deliver powerful efficacy against pathogens — without the harmful, irritating effects of other chemical disinfectants in easy-to-use wipes that enables one-step, no-rinse cleaning and disinfection. Citric Acid based and approved on List N, CleanCide is excellent from a toxicity standpoint:_x000D_ • Hospital Grade_x000D_ • Non respiratory irritant _x000D_ • Not Orally Toxic_x000D_ • Not Dermally Toxic_x000D_ • Not a Primary Skin Irritant_x000D_ • No Inhalation Toxicity_x000D_
Price $210.00
This dispenser stand combo is is at the frontlines of keeping your home, office or business protected from unclean hands. Our dispenser is a battery operated and also can be plugged with the included power adapter. It's a completely touchless dispenser that is versatile and can be installed in any building! With our additional stand, this product can be installed anywhere. Our stand is precisely engineered for use anywhere. Adjustable between 3-5 feet, with a mess-free integrated drip tray and built strong to prevent being knocked over. over._x000D_
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